Bloemfontein Running Club

About Us

Founded in 2008, Pentagon Pistols Running Club is motivated, dedicated and committed to support the sport of running and runners who enjoy running for fun. The club consists of vibrant runners who are willing to face a challenge and enjoy being active and healthy together as a team. Whether you’re a beginner, an advanced competitive runner or just a plain old jogger, we have a place for you. We RUN for FUN.

The club encourages and hosts formal race events and many fun social events throughout the year where new people are invited to join the existing club members as guests share the fun. Pentagon Pistols provide support and entertainment to anyone who shares the love of running.


Pointers to Join Pentagon Pistols:
• Have fun while running
• Meet new people
• Get healthy and fit
• Decrease your daily stress
• A good reason to break away for the runs hosted outside of Bloemfontein
• The whole family can join

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